Lost Hope

Lost hope

From California Bay Area: If anyone tells you climate change isn’t real smack the s**t out of them. This is heartbreaking and real. I can’t even go outside my house tonight because the air quality is worse then Beijing. All of the people who have lost their homes and members of their family to these wildfires the past couple of years. Not to mention the firefighters and enormous amounts of volunteers who have helped. Also the beautiful wildlife…

almost winter

the burning skies…

what to do

in these times

of lost hope


Broken China


Spring and Summer…

spring against my back
the vibrations
of a hummingbird



scrolling my page
a little black bug
observes my words



spring afternoon
a greeting
from the yard cat



she says goodbye-
rose petals
in the dirt



house finch
the wind chimes
through the garden



too much wine-
dizzy from all the birdsong
this summer morning



bickering in flight..
a blur of emerald and ruby
around the feeder



his arms around me
the mountain ridges-
a light pink sunset



waning moon
the silence
of a sleepless night



never wanting
to change itself
desert rose



separate rooms-
a distance greater
then the moon



these days
the only happiness
at my bird feeder



shards of glass
how quickly I pull away
from his touch



my tears…
rose petals
against a pond



garden buddha
in its palms
fallen petals



spring morning my thoughts drifting bumblebee



worn out
faded patches
of sky
I sit hidden beneath
a blooming tree



tiny fountain
the stillness
of a fern



walking outside
a melody of wind chime
over and over
a deep longing to love
myself a little more

Whispering Magic


Steady Rain


Forever Reflection


Falling Dreams

through the afternoon
a simple dream
of fallen leaves
against the autumn sky


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