Self Love

A breeze
of lavender
and fresh grass

Warm and flowing
the birds create
a melody

My seed sparkled:
drops of a shooting star
fall into my hands

a rose
into many shades
of self love


Sitting on the park bench
With legs neatly crossed
She sat, lips slightly parted


They were damp
Bright with a deep hue
A wildflower in full bloom


I imagined they were sweet
Ripened plums
Fresh from the tree


Sticky and juicy
Dripping down my arm
I close my eyes


Dreaming of purple and reds
A glass of perfect red wine
I slowly part my lips.

A Moment

A moment
so clear
slightly faded
blurry edges



A moment
like lighting
A jolt, to my body
reclaims my mind



A moment
is sad
and kind
and blue
her eyes…



A moment
I”m swimming
and drop
the hat
that hides
the blurry edges.

More Haiga


condemned building
his memories of then
sparkle in sea glass


lost dreams
spring wildflowers


lost in the shadows
I find
peace lilies