Love is Forever

Why do spiders have so many legs?

To climb, steadily
up the wet, lilac tree.

Why do trees have leaves?

The leaves are thoughts
That grow, are free-
Then, forgotten.

Why is the sun so hot?

The breeze is light and heavy you see:
Blasting and alive.

Ode To A Bee

Sitting in the square, drinking a cup of tea
Sun heavy on my cheeks, I watch the coming and going of locals.
The breeze is filled:
High-pitched squeals,
Grown-up chatter,
And the journey of the bees to a bush, abundant with purple flowers.

I sit and watch, each floats with a bounce from tip to tip
Of green and purple, dipping their heads into buds.

I bite into a small sandwich, with drips of marmalade
And setting it down, I am surrounded by a chorus of buzzing.
Circling my head like a crown and orbiting my body
Getting closer and closer to my warm skin
Many small striped bodies.

I want to push them away,
I’ve let them get too close
Yet I find myself hypnotized, drunk with sun
On this autumn afternoon.
So I remain still, in the brown wicker chair.

A melody of breeze fills the red treetops; the bees are lifted to sky.
Disappearing:  shooting stars into the wind.

I sip my tea, watching the locals.
Listening to squeals
And the buzzing
Of purple flowers.

A Dark Wind Blew Around The Mountain

A dark wind blew around the mountain, day and night
Begging to be noticed,
I looked at my eyes in the mirror.

A dark wind blew around the mountain
Stirring up the trees, their leaves falling upon dirt and stone.
The black birds, holding tight to branches,
I held my pain too long.

A dark wind blew around the mountain
The buck, chest out, bounded
Through dense pine
I wanted to be seen.

A dark wind blew around the mountain, day and night
Howling to the stars
My eyes wet,
in its breeze.