A slice of pink-
Spilling over thick mountain slopes
Sea splashing at its toes
A sailboat, relaxing in its view.


The neighbor, leaning in for a moment-catching a glance
While his curled-tailed dog pants, watching two small birds
And the sky begins to glow
As the day draws quietly, to its end.


And I, with my half glass of wine
Watching my tiny bottomed daughter
Singing in the faded glow of eve
Feel the blessing of dusk, and smile-
Cradled by the breeze.


Your kind smile and your glasses I see first
Then the worn, light blue shirt with the alligator on the pocket
Your knee length shorts, white socks, and navy blue slip-on shoes
Your rough hands that held me gently and the distinct smell of aftershave

The light in your eyes when you looked at me
And the slight sour smell of your breath, held by a toothpick
That came from the small owl figure on the shelve
After your dinner on the TV tray, sitting on the large brown couch

The way your dentures clicked, rhythmically as you ate
Felt comforting as I glanced over to you, watching the nightly news
And the cats strutted across the floor, searching for a drop of food
With the hum of the air conditioner, and the quiet ticking of the old clock

As I sit in my chair, remembering
Relishing my childhood with you momentarily
My heart aches quietly
For your kind smile, your rough hands, and that light in your eyes.