afternoon recess
they search for dandelions
on a mid spring day

high school formal
he suddenly realizes
the excitement of stars

away to college
they continue to write
of late summer nights

living abroad
the bittersweet taste
of tears and peaches

early summer breeze
the silkiness of her skin
and gently sea waves

blooming jasmine
the rhythms of their breaths
under a full moon sky

First Impressions

I was sitting in the back office on the fourth floor of the Mills Building in downtown San Francisco. I was new from Chicago and wore ripped blue jeans and hid under my white Addias hat. I was pleading to Shelly (one of the partners of the firm) to work for his traders only and not for the dreaded Barry, one of the worst people I ever had to work for. Shelly’s mood was as cold as the office air as he insisted that he couldn’t make that happen. As I continued to argue my points, one of the office doors quickly opened and in walks a tall man. He was caught off guard by our meeting, and abruptly stops in the middle of the room. His stature was solid and he had a large head with a strong jaw line. His blue eyes are what caught me; something very kind, and childlike, and deeply warm. The thoughts of marriage, sadness, and children surfaced up. An electric energy rushed through my limbs that we would have a girl together. He turned from me and exited out of the door ahead of him. I turned to Shelly and asked, “Who was that?” He replied, “Jeff, the general partner.” I stiffened my body preparing to return to our prior conversation, “Well he’s rude!”

A month later I gave my two weeks to Barry not knowing where I’d be working. On one of my last days I was in the office again and glanced to my left. There was Jeff staring up at an array of computer screens. I caught a glimpse of his blue eyes. There I took a chance and walked over to him. Surly he could point me in a new direction. “So what are you working on?” I asked curiously.

We’ve been together now for seventeen years and just celebrated our daughter’s six birthday.