grey morning
the many blessings
in its gentle breeze

Early Morning

quickly dissipating
early morning fog
sweet canary song

Today I Watched Blackbirds

Today I watched blackbirds-

Dashing this way and that through the hot summer night.
Intrigued I was by their thin red strips
That blurred with the deep blue sky; their wings in flight.

Lying on my back
My shoulders melting into warm concrete
The grass slippery and cool on the tips my feet

My arms out to the side; supported
Alive and lifted: the blackbirds and me
Drunk on the slight heaviness of dusk and bay breeze.

A song
A melody
My lungs full of its sweetness…

Today I watched blackbirds-

expanding into summer air
sunset and thin red strips
my freedom, tonight


A deep blue
That takes me into you.

A glimpse-

Of starlight
And mountain tips
Of rose.



blossoms sway
those faraway memories
too painful to hold