Shadows and Light

morning breeze the answer to my existence spring daisy


the blooming of her words spring breeze


in the shadows of her wispy hair weeping willow


city tunnel
the coming and going
of shadows

(September 2013 Under The Basho)


Fallen Love

old desk
the love letters
she never sent
the many tears I shed
falling on her gravesite


scent of faded embers
fallen redwood leaves
quietly the finch sings
that is all that is left now
of our moments together

A Few Moments

autumn night
gull cry and moonlight

evening breeze-
a simple song
of wind chime

autumn’s return
the scent
of maple leaf

A Little Love

autumn afternoon…
I muster the courage
to give her my heart


Daddy’s Girl

Always trapped

I hid in my toy box
When I heard you call my name
The racing of my heart fills my ears

Oh Daddy
Yes, what ever you think is right must be truth;
I am wrong, I am the one who is messed up.
What ever I’ve done in my seven years of life has been terrible
And I must pay the consequences-

By your hands
Or by belt buckle
And constantly by your words

Alway trapped

Now I am ten and now no where to hide
I can only bury my feelings to survive.
Your hands all over me
Telling me I am good
And of all of the clothes you’ll buy me in return.

I scream inside “God help me-Daddy why!”
An agreement is broken forever:
The biggest breach of my trust

Always trapped

Now older I have grown used to the routine
And I have moved on with another man; many actually.
So I guess I still converse with you-
My self-worth is so little
I am forever tainted
By your words, your hands, your sick mind
So I remain that little girl hiding in my toy box
looking for protection, looking for love

I am trapped-
with you.


Fingers full of branch
My nose awakens to earth
Inside of palms caressing leaf tips
Hard and tiny feathers alive in sunlight
This array, this bouquet of life
Alive and buzzing with song
Filling my senses, filling my essence

My fingers full of God

The Blues

mountain rain
the steady grey
I see in her eyes