Spring Light

Running With The Wind

The Wounded Healer

I woke with old wounds
fresh, like the sharp scent
of newly cut flowers

These scars carried for life times
I finally embrace and hold you
with compassion, and forgiveness

I hold your weight
a lump in my throat
an ache in my chest
needs unmet
voices unheard
fiery temper:

the child hiding in fear

I cradle the stinging edges
of my backside
I take in the sheer blunt force of your words

I am the wounded healer
I choose to breathe in peace
to allow the golden light of spirit and source
comfort the torn edges inside
with love and understanding

I take in the brilliance
allow my roots to flow into the center of the universe
where I am safe and perfect

I am the wounded healer



Broken China

A Sky of Stars

childhood a sky filled with stars



of a lost childhood
I dive into the unknown



circle of life…
I return
to the child
inside me
to shine
to the world


Stars and Jasmine

catching a glimpse
of her eyes
discovering stars
a lost childhood
smiling back at me

autumn sunset
waves at our toes
we catch eyes
hers full of stars
mine full of Venus

around the garden
a scent of jasmine
I inhale the night
allowing that part of me
to blossom

under stars
huddled in his coat
a hint of jasmine
remembering the night
before she said goodbye

Daddy’s Girl

Always trapped

I hid in my toy box
When I heard you call my name
The racing of my heart fills my ears

Oh Daddy
Yes, what ever you think is right must be truth;
I am wrong, I am the one who is messed up.
What ever I’ve done in my seven years of life has been terrible
And I must pay the consequences-

By your hands
Or by belt buckle
And constantly by your words

Alway trapped

Now I am ten and now no where to hide
I can only bury my feelings to survive.
Your hands all over me
Telling me I am good
And of all of the clothes you’ll buy me in return.

I scream inside “God help me-Daddy why!”
An agreement is broken forever:
The biggest breach of my trust

Always trapped

Now older I have grown used to the routine
And I have moved on with another man; many actually.
So I guess I still converse with you-
My self-worth is so little
I am forever tainted
By your words, your hands, your sick mind
So I remain that little girl hiding in my toy box
looking for protection, looking for love

I am trapped-
with you.

Petals and Ash

cicada song
I change
my perspective

tipsy from champagne
and his kiss

dragon statue
a lost childhood
never protected

swaying palms
I forget
what day it is

pink skies
a heavy breeze
of wildfires

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