mountain rain
the steady grey
I see in her eyes

(Jars of Stars October 2013)


those summer days
I held tight to your branches
swinging in the breeze
free from his violation
still innocent in your leaves

Finding My Power

this stormy night
stars hidden behind raindrops
these pieces of me
empowered and poetic
trying to find their way out

My Dreams

I spiral
into a dream

night wind
I remember a story
of my ancestors

swaying palm-
I forget
what day it is

bluebird above
this path of enlightenment
where will it lead?

hydrangea bush
a little girl spins
in her kimono

sparrow song
I sink deeper;
afternoon sun

The Light I Stand In

How bright, The light I stand in-

It falls on my toes; a splash it goes
And sways on sails of red,
And white,
And green.
I reach towards it; sky slips through my palms
And dips down large pink vines.
I gaze up to dome of blue and ask day moon-
What am I to be?
A short time I sit; eyes fixed on a tiny gold bird.
A quick breeze and I am brought back to bright sails
Of sky, and vines; a splash on my toes

How bright, The light I stand in.

Flowers Across My Heart

handful of flowers
she holds closely to my face
a faded scent
all the colors of heaven
she sprinkles across my heart

Morning Song

handful of flowers how sweet her morning song


Indian Summer

Indian summer
a trail of golden maples
the song sparrow’s silence
that little girl again
still uncertain of her voice