Whispering Magic


A Book of Stars

she carried
a book of stars
on this morning
filled with snow egrets
in silence
unbroken glance
into lush wetlands
along the side
of an empty road
a giant oak
filled with the song
of lark sparrows
perched high
against a sky
filled with stars

Summer Solstice

honey moon
just like me
alone in its light…


the honey moon
rolls down her cheeks


evening breeze
the leaves of a maple
just let go


evening breeze the way it rolls sparrow song


wind through the trees
wave after wave
of ocean


mountain wind
I strum a tune
of ocean blues


mountain road
leading the way
a single bluejay


the monarch
that came to visit


first light of morning
an orchestra of bird song
tuning up treetops


azure sky
hummingbird and I
dance in rainbows


the way the sun sets
across her back

Petals and Ash

cicada song
I change
my perspective

tipsy from champagne
and his kiss

dragon statue
a lost childhood
never protected

swaying palms
I forget
what day it is

pink skies
a heavy breeze
of wildfires