Been too long since I’ve posted!  Here are some haiku I’ve made since my last post :)

Full moon
this one hides
winter rain

Last breath
I hold her hand
first winter snow

Tall grasses
dragonfly and I
sit for a spell

the winter sunset
around my eyes

An echo
she moves the evening
in high heels

Watermelon lips
the taste of her~
hot summer nights

Winter sunset
the splendor of God
in silver flashes

Winter night
how regal her walk
in deep purple

Piano keys
on her toes~
a melody

Sweet scent
her long tresses
blow south

The fire of stars-
our bodies
wrapped in moonlight

Deepening hues
we are one

Even the wind
blowing through the storm
cries for peace

Winter rain
she jumps into
the largest puddle

Skipping stones
a splash of sky and mountain
six-thousand feet high

Sweet strawberries
the way she once looked at me
warm summer breeze

Under her long hair
the scent of lilies
and her lovers kiss

God’s vision
pink and gold
summer sunset

Still pond
my memories of you
suddenly ripple

Rich musk-
I lounge
in his shirt

In silence
the wisdom of time
long mountain range

Field of lilies
the innocence
of my youth

Open road
her long hair
dances in the sky

Summer rain
her arms open-
in gratitude

A hint of spring-
as I sip
spiced tea

Distant reservoir~
still the color
of her eyes

Lilies and violets
caressing her legs-
secret garden

Old river~
he declares
his love to her

In the shadows of her wispy hair weeping willow

Orange nails
the other girls snub her
for being different

Spring afternoon
flashing the sky~
robin’s breast