Iridescent Kisses

in the quiet
of late spring night
hearing the songs
of a thousand stars

egret wings
riding the sunset
those iridescent spaces
flowing through
the edges of my heart

taking in a bit of spring blackbirds in the cherry blossoms

among the cobwebs
that lie in the hayloft
a few rays of sun
flowing through your hair
and to my lips that spring day

spring mist
a lone lily pad
where are you frog…
rain clouds disappearing
into an endless blue sky

Full Moon Stars

throwing away
my regrets
shooting star

out of the ocean
finding a new way
sea bird in the sky

the only thing
we agree upon
cherry blossoms

I bathe
in full moon

full moon
a lone cry
of freight train

trying to make it
a sky of stars
just out of reach