Spring and Summer…

spring against my back
the vibrations
of a hummingbird



scrolling my page
a little black bug
observes my words



spring afternoon
a greeting
from the yard cat



she says goodbye-
rose petals
in the dirt



house finch
the wind chimes
through the garden



too much wine-
dizzy from all the birdsong
this summer morning



bickering in flight..
a blur of emerald and ruby
around the feeder



his arms around me
the mountain ridges-
a light pink sunset



waning moon
the silence
of a sleepless night



never wanting
to change itself
desert rose



separate rooms-
a distance greater
then the moon



these days
the only happiness
at my bird feeder



shards of glass
how quickly I pull away
from his touch



my tears…
rose petals
against a pond



garden buddha
in its palms
fallen petals



spring morning my thoughts drifting bumblebee



worn out
faded patches
of sky
I sit hidden beneath
a blooming tree



tiny fountain
the stillness
of a fern



walking outside
a melody of wind chime
over and over
a deep longing to love
myself a little more

Peaceful Stars

magnolia petals I breath in the first spring stars

Iridescent Kisses

in the quiet
of late spring night
hearing the songs
of a thousand stars

egret wings
riding the sunset
those iridescent spaces
flowing through
the edges of my heart

taking in a bit of spring blackbirds in the cherry blossoms

among the cobwebs
that lie in the hayloft
a few rays of sun
flowing through your hair
and to my lips that spring day

spring mist
a lone lily pad
where are you frog…
rain clouds disappearing
into an endless blue sky

Lonely Grey

This morning
A lonely shade
Of light grey

The open bay
Flows around
And towards me:
Silvery ripples

A single sea bird
Traces the sky
While a light breeze
Trails through
The long red leaves
Of the plant that I stare
Long and hard at.

I take short sips
Of the lukewarm coffee
That I’ve reheated
Three times now
And the canaries dance
In their cages
One the color of lemons
The other a desert sunset
They watch each other
And takes turns
Chirping and singing
Back and forth…

Last nights dream
Won’t leave my mind
Why after all these years
I still think so much of you?
All I wanted now was to be good friends
And have closure
From those mornings
I woke in your arms
As the summer sun
Poured over our bodies…

canary song
the morning sky
lonely and grey

Sunrise to Sunset

her grief
and tears
a hush
the sparkle
of sunshine

gull cry
what’s still left
from my past

fallen leaf
so alive
with sunset

Stars and Jasmine

catching a glimpse
of her eyes
discovering stars
a lost childhood
smiling back at me

autumn sunset
waves at our toes
we catch eyes
hers full of stars
mine full of Venus

around the garden
a scent of jasmine
I inhale the night
allowing that part of me
to blossom

under stars
huddled in his coat
a hint of jasmine
remembering the night
before she said goodbye

I Notice

A heaviness inside I wish I could stop focusing on

I notice

A blast of heavenly redwood and faded embers deep in my nose
Skin tingling
One sweet memory of childhood

I notice

A trail filled with fallen leaves
Faded sunset
Still alive under my feet

I notice

Deep breathing as I keep pushing-
Pushing through the slight dryness of my tongue
A chorus of feathered singers chime along
To my heartbeat

I notice

A delicate touch of a small fern
Its vulnerability clear to me
A tiny voice reminding me to trust

I notice

sticks, leaves, and fallen trees
I release what no longer serves me

I notice

Mountain Haiku

mountain trail
fallen leaves still alive
with sunset
a creak
of a swaying redwood-
the stillness in me

One Summer Eve

flock of blackbirds
I open my arms
closer to sunset

Notes from the Gean 8/13

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