Lost hope

From California Bay Area: If anyone tells you climate change isn’t real smack the s**t out of them. This is heartbreaking and real. I can’t even go outside my house tonight because the air quality is worse then Beijing. All of the people who have lost their homes and members of their family to these wildfires the past couple of years. Not to mention the firefighters and enormous amounts of volunteers who have helped. Also the beautiful wildlife…

almost winter

the burning skies…

what to do

in these times

of lost hope

Behind Closed Curtains

The room was held in a thick darkness; its only light from a single lamp post glowing blue behind the pulled curtains.  I was lying back in a big leather chair.  His dark image hovered above me in a rhythmic motion while the darkness  suffocated me and my body stuck to the chair.  The mixture of his cologne, his skin, and and the chill of late autumn filled my nose.  At fourteen I knew there was no use in crying, no use in screaming; no one would listen (no one ever had).  So all I could do was lay there, held in the secrecy of evening and let him do what he wanted with me.  All held in the hope that he would finally stop and start being my father…

still burns deeply
in the barren ground

Universal Love

After a wonderful get away with my guy and returning to lots of fantastic time with family, I feel a happiness that fills and radiates through me: A love that feels so whole, so magnificent. I give such thanks to the universe for these moments.

summer night-
a crescent moon’s smile
wider then mine