Dawn to Dusk

morning geese-
this horn section
breaking dawn

fallen petals
so alive
in moonlight


I Notice

A heaviness inside I wish I could stop focusing on

I notice

A blast of heavenly redwood and faded embers deep in my nose
Skin tingling
One sweet memory of childhood

I notice

A trail filled with fallen leaves
Faded sunset
Still alive under my feet

I notice

Deep breathing as I keep pushing-
Pushing through the slight dryness of my tongue
A chorus of feathered singers chime along
To my heartbeat

I notice

A delicate touch of a small fern
Its vulnerability clear to me
A tiny voice reminding me to trust

I notice

sticks, leaves, and fallen trees
I release what no longer serves me

I notice

Mountain Haiku

mountain trail
fallen leaves still alive
with sunset
a creak
of a swaying redwood-
the stillness in me

Universal Love

After a wonderful get away with my guy and returning to lots of fantastic time with family, I feel a happiness that fills and radiates through me: A love that feels so whole, so magnificent. I give such thanks to the universe for these moments.

summer night-
a crescent moon’s smile
wider then mine

Petals and Ash

cicada song
I change
my perspective

tipsy from champagne
and his kiss

dragon statue
a lost childhood
never protected

swaying palms
I forget
what day it is

pink skies
a heavy breeze
of wildfires

One Summer Eve

flock of blackbirds
I open my arms
closer to sunset

Notes from the Gean 8/13