Falling Dreams

through the afternoon
a simple dream
of fallen leaves
against the autumn sky


Deep Autumn


Fallen Lover

in between the cracks
the autumn moon
tells an old tale
of a fallen lover
now floating in the stars


Stars and Jasmine

catching a glimpse
of her eyes
discovering stars
a lost childhood
smiling back at me

autumn sunset
waves at our toes
we catch eyes
hers full of stars
mine full of Venus

around the garden
a scent of jasmine
I inhale the night
allowing that part of me
to blossom

under stars
huddled in his coat
a hint of jasmine
remembering the night
before she said goodbye

Indian Summer

Indian summer
a trail of golden maples
the song sparrow’s silence
that little girl again
still uncertain of her voice

A Few Moments

autumn night
gull cry and moonlight

evening breeze-
a simple song
of wind chime

autumn’s return
the scent
of maple leaf