Spring Light

A Moment of Peace 

The Wounded Healer

I woke with old wounds
fresh, like the sharp scent
of newly cut flowers

These scars carried for life times
I finally embrace and hold you
with compassion, and forgiveness

I hold your weight
a lump in my throat
an ache in my chest
needs unmet
voices unheard
fiery temper:

the child hiding in fear

I cradle the stinging edges
of my backside
I take in the sheer blunt force of your words

I am the wounded healer
I choose to breathe in peace
to allow the golden light of spirit and source
comfort the torn edges inside
with love and understanding

I take in the brilliance
allow my roots to flow into the center of the universe
where I am safe and perfect

I am the wounded healer



Praying for Peace

guitar strum I find peace again spring morning


Mountain Haiku

mountain trail
fallen leaves still alive
with sunset
a creak
of a swaying redwood-
the stillness in me

More Haiga


condemned building
his memories of then
sparkle in sea glass


lost dreams
spring wildflowers


lost in the shadows
I find
peace lilies