Sun Clouds

Spring Light

Dew Drops

My little Addy
The way she sparkles
And spins in her pink dress
Dew drops
The first light of day
Her smile
To be alive
With her is a gift
A blessing
A wish fulfilled
The light in her eyes
A part of me
That wasn’t lost
The way I sparkled too-

spring light
we dance
in dew drops

Keeping Balance

the way my thoughts cry out into night coyote moon

river crossing
a salmon pair keep balance
in its current

mid afternoon
listening to the wind
she sleeps in my arms



This foggy, chilly Thursday morning
I find myself hovering over black marble
Slicing-most meticulously, fresh strawberries
First the green tips and then into their plump, ruby middles.
Eyes focused, over and over again
Sneaking a bite: a burst of sweetness followed by the tiny popping of seeds.
I throw them two by two into a small ceramic bowl.


As I slice I look down onto my pale hands,
Observing their creaminess against the moist red berries
And from the exactness of holding the black paring knife
There is experience, purpose, and love.
I carefully place the bowl into her two little hands.
Her feet dance as she runs off.


I glance past the iridescent tiled wall-
Calm bay waters beneath foggy mist;


My thoughts
In fresh strawberries.