Today I Watched Blackbirds

Today I watched blackbirds-

Dashing this way and that through the hot summer night.
Intrigued I was by their thin red strips
That blurred with the deep blue sky; their wings in flight.

Lying on my back
My shoulders melting into warm concrete
The grass slippery and cool on the tips my feet

My arms out to the side; supported
Alive and lifted: the blackbirds and me
Drunk on the slight heaviness of dusk and bay breeze.

A song
A melody
My lungs full of its sweetness…

Today I watched blackbirds-

expanding into summer air
sunset and thin red strips
my freedom, tonight


A deep blue
That takes me into you.

A glimpse-

Of starlight
And mountain tips
Of rose.



A slice of pink-
Spilling over thick mountain slopes
Sea splashing at its toes
A sailboat, relaxing in its view.


The neighbor, leaning in for a moment-catching a glance
While his curled-tailed dog pants, watching two small birds
And the sky begins to glow
As the day draws quietly, to its end.


And I, with my half glass of wine
Watching my tiny bottomed daughter
Singing in the faded glow of eve
Feel the blessing of dusk, and smile-
Cradled by the breeze.