First Impressions

I was sitting in the back office on the fourth floor of the Mills Building in downtown San Francisco. I was new from Chicago and wore ripped blue jeans and hid under my white Addias hat. I was pleading to Shelly (one of the partners of the firm) to work for his traders only and not for the dreaded Barry, one of the worst people I ever had to work for. Shelly’s mood was as cold as the office air as he insisted that he couldn’t make that happen. As I continued to argue my points, one of the office doors quickly opened and in walks a tall man. He was caught off guard by our meeting, and abruptly stops in the middle of the room. His stature was solid and he had a large head with a strong jaw line. His blue eyes are what caught me; something very kind, and childlike, and deeply warm. The thoughts of marriage, sadness, and children surfaced up. An electric energy rushed through my limbs that we would have a girl together. He turned from me and exited out of the door ahead of him. I turned to Shelly and asked, “Who was that?” He replied, “Jeff, the general partner.” I stiffened my body preparing to return to our prior conversation, “Well he’s rude!”

A month later I gave my two weeks to Barry not knowing where I’d be working. On one of my last days I was in the office again and glanced to my left. There was Jeff staring up at an array of computer screens. I caught a glimpse of his blue eyes. There I took a chance and walked over to him. Surly he could point me in a new direction. “So what are you working on?” I asked curiously.

We’ve been together now for seventeen years and just celebrated our daughter’s six birthday.