A Try at Haibun

I am not alone

I am around many who are also considering their own journeys.
There is a part of me that is going through what each person around me is experiencing.

We are all connected and all worthy of being heard.

We all want to be loved,
Find ourselves,
Set boundaries,
feel compassion,
And feel intimacy.


under redwoods
the journey
of five women

My Journey is Filled with Redwoods

My journey is filled with Redwoods
Uplifting: just be you.

The white dog runs back and forth
Scurrying with the birds he is present;
He is free.

Communication; that’s important
Am I enough?

The velvety moss soothes me
Fern tips: feathery, exciting.

Our footsteps like horse hoofs;
I’m thinking of them-
Senal, my Appaloosa.

Thoughts of a foal-
I want to help

All my energy:
Urging me to think, to do

The Earth, my mountain, my resource
I find courage to keep trying

My journey is filled with Redwoods