afternoon recess
they search for dandelions
on a mid spring day

high school formal
he suddenly realizes
the excitement of stars

away to college
they continue to write
of late summer nights

living abroad
the bittersweet taste
of tears and peaches

early summer breeze
the silkiness of her skin
and gently sea waves

blooming jasmine
the rhythms of their breaths
under a full moon sky


Jasmine Love

morning light
simple whispers of love
her words on my lips

her breathe
its rhythm
bounces on me

soft jasmine
the scent of her
on my sheets

Stars and Jasmine

catching a glimpse
of her eyes
discovering stars
a lost childhood
smiling back at me

autumn sunset
waves at our toes
we catch eyes
hers full of stars
mine full of Venus

around the garden
a scent of jasmine
I inhale the night
allowing that part of me
to blossom

under stars
huddled in his coat
a hint of jasmine
remembering the night
before she said goodbye