A Sky of Stars

childhood a sky filled with stars


Lonely Grey

This morning
A lonely shade
Of light grey

The open bay
Flows around
And towards me:
Silvery ripples

A single sea bird
Traces the sky
While a light breeze
Trails through
The long red leaves
Of the plant that I stare
Long and hard at.

I take short sips
Of the lukewarm coffee
That I’ve reheated
Three times now
And the canaries dance
In their cages
One the color of lemons
The other a desert sunset
They watch each other
And takes turns
Chirping and singing
Back and forth…

Last nights dream
Won’t leave my mind
Why after all these years
I still think so much of you?
All I wanted now was to be good friends
And have closure
From those mornings
I woke in your arms
As the summer sun
Poured over our bodies…

canary song
the morning sky
lonely and grey

Glancing Out The Window

Glancing out the window
Water and sky, grey mirror.
Green palms, blow slightly,
Brown hill with speckled green.

The stillness makes me restless
Remembering last night’s dream
Of a small lion chasing a yellow fish,
And running through the mountains.

Melancholy: A space between tears and slight agitation.
Uncomfortable and silencing
In a lull; still as the small blue boat
I see, glancing out the window.