Where Has My Inspiration Gone?

Where has my inspiration gone?
Away with the hawk cry
Perched on top of the Redwoods

Lost in the summer sunsets
Wild pink and blue fires
That faded into a billion stars

How could I turn my back on you?

The moment I watched
Tiny grey and black sparrows
Bathing in an old fountain

Moved to tears-
Their simple joy
And sweet vibrations

The young buck deep in the forest
We stared at each other
Eyes as curious as mine

I thought of Claude and knew God was near

The black squirrel
Bounding and dancing
Through the branches of aged Oaks

Where has my inspiration gone?

Only wandering…

Hawk cry,
Wild sunsets,
Curious buck,
Black squirrel

Claude’s last breath…

In God
In Me.

Passing On

abandoned car-
I contemplate
what’s after death

desert sky
her eyes
full of pink

before therapy
bluebird and sparrow
one chasing the other

the slight bow of reeds
her day of passing

night wind
she spills secrets
from so long ago

death of a child
I watch a sea bird
take flight
(RIP Jayson♥)