A Breeze in all Directions

On a very overcast morning, I slowly sip my herbal tea
In a cup with painted cherry blossoms
Gazing at a breeze that blows in all directions
And the sea birds riding gracefully on its tails
Day dreaming for long moments, my eyes spiral in all directions.

A silent flutter of the fireplace
Up and down
Up and down…

I close my eyes and imagine
Running among lightly painted daffodils
Reaching out into an almost perfect spring day
Confessing all the years of pain and anguish
Tears streaming down my flushed cheeks
I touch the soft petals that shine brightly like stars.

Once upon a time, I was a child with golden ringlets
And eyes as blue as a mountain sunset
I danced with the freedom that only someone new to life can understand-

Gentle bird song opens my eyes…
I sip slowly from a cup with painted cherry blossoms
Watching the trees blow slowly in all directions
And the sea birds riding gracefully on a breeze. 

The Rain Is Jumping On The Water



“Mama the rain is jumping on the water!”

She looked at me with bright eyes.

Millions of drops filled the window


Walking outside, the fur on my dogs’ faces was completely pushed away

Revealing their skinny skulls and tiny black eyes.

The bay was swollen with whitecaps


“Mommy I want a hug! Put your homework down.”

She kicked my laptop.

She wrapped her little arms around me; her cheeks warm against mine.


The white truck in front of me drove at a snail’s pace down the one lane road

My heart raced.

Millions of drops filled the windshield


“I not a baby anymore, I’m a big girl!”

She rubbed my face with her hand

My eyes reddened; a smile.


3am; I stare into darkness and hints of moonlight

Heart racing

Millions of drops tap at the roof



5pm; my eyelids heavy

The windows showing only what’s inside-

Stillness and heavy heart


The squeak of her small feet against hardwood floor-

She nibbles apples and bananas in a purple princess nightgown

And pink hippo pants, now to her mid calf


“He’s a good boy, pet him Mama!”

Her blue eyes

Dance: the little flames of a small fire


“You all done?”

The dogs glance at me in question

Skinny skulls hidden in black and tan strands.