Lonely Grey

This morning
A lonely shade
Of light grey

The open bay
Flows around
And towards me:
Silvery ripples

A single sea bird
Traces the sky
While a light breeze
Trails through
The long red leaves
Of the plant that I stare
Long and hard at.

I take short sips
Of the lukewarm coffee
That I’ve reheated
Three times now
And the canaries dance
In their cages
One the color of lemons
The other a desert sunset
They watch each other
And takes turns
Chirping and singing
Back and forth…

Last nights dream
Won’t leave my mind
Why after all these years
I still think so much of you?
All I wanted now was to be good friends
And have closure
From those mornings
I woke in your arms
As the summer sun
Poured over our bodies…

canary song
the morning sky
lonely and grey

Wings and Raindrops

taking a break..
the sparrows
hopping in a puddle

the pacing of a bluejay
outside my window

late morning
the tapping of raindrops
and canary song

letting down my guard for good spring rain

a single gull
floating on the bay

the butterfly tattoo
I trace on her thigh

Early Morning

quickly dissipating
early morning fog
sweet canary song