Small Things

my tears…
rose petals
against a pond

garden Buddha
in its palms
fallen petals

spring morning
grey sparrows
in the tree tops

late spring my thoughts drift bumblebee

tiny fountain
the stillness
of a fern

the way the sun sets
across her back

koi pond
fills the sky

preschool graduation
a yellow monarch
flies ahead of us

oak tree shadow
once the song
of grey sparrow

lingering breeze
on her gravestone

Yellows and Blues

a wandering butterfly
so early in spring
I meander along
the edges of my mind
and the memories of me and you


Wings and Raindrops

taking a break..
the sparrows
hopping in a puddle

the pacing of a bluejay
outside my window

late morning
the tapping of raindrops
and canary song

letting down my guard for good spring rain

a single gull
floating on the bay

the butterfly tattoo
I trace on her thigh


nowhere to go but up…
the soft whispers
of a late summer day

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n. a beginning; origin

An appropriate word for New Year’s Day
As I write for the first time
Upon my old Japanese desk
The resolution of writing more I made to myself

The trickle of a fountain
Settles into my ears
The birds call out to one another;
Perhaps they have their own resolutions
Hidden in their melodies

A passing butterfly lands on my palm
Browns, oranges, and blues fill my eyes
I smile, lost in its iridescent shimmer.

Then a sudden child’s cry causes me to rise
Wondering if it’s my own napping daughter; waking to bird song
Or the shimmer of butterfly wings.

Siting back down I look to my miniature zen garden
pulling the little shovel through sparkly grit-
stay focused
keep writing
A new beginning…

a trickle of fountain
I settle
into treetops