My Real Name

My real name is Blue Eyes and the light of the universe has shined through them from the very beginning.
My mother calls me Fear like when you are about to jump into the unknown.
My husband calls me New Beginnings; a new day with hot sweet coffee.
My daughter calls me Bright Smile, I take in the scent of her long blond hair.
The skies call me Colorful; purple and orange wildflowers covering the side of the hill.
The river calls me Gentle-the white calla lily growing on its banks.
The hawk calls me Brave, I hear in its cries over head.
My father calls me Sorrow, his little girl with curls crying, bruised, and afraid.
My past calls me Broken, however Chicago calls me Resilient and Strong.
San Francisco calls me Beautiful, I am healing and accepted.
God calls me Bright Light and the love of the universe shines through my soul.

The Light I Stand In

How bright, The light I stand in-

It falls on my toes; a splash it goes
And sways on sails of red,
And white,
And green.
I reach towards it; sky slips through my palms
And dips down large pink vines.
I gaze up to dome of blue and ask day moon-
What am I to be?
A short time I sit; eyes fixed on a tiny gold bird.
A quick breeze and I am brought back to bright sails
Of sky, and vines; a splash on my toes

How bright, The light I stand in.