Staring out my window on a windy morning

Boats bounce,

Water rushes,

The house creaks and sways.

Halyards clank


My glance turns to crayons, then sweet singing.

I shake out my long curls

Take off my clothes

And jump through the gale,

To be drenched by the sea.

My legs are one scaly mass

My hair weightless




For hours in colors, cradled by the bliss beneath.


Then a jolt and a high-pitched, continuous moan

The boats bounce

Their halyards clank

And the crayons scatter across the floor.

My Valley Of Calm

Nestled between green tipped mountains,

Down a wide and wandering road

I move briskly towards thee

My valley of calm


Spiny, budding, branches and a spying, backward glance of an owl

Over the steep pathway, short of breath I keep climbing

And move briskly towards thee

My valley of calm


Weaving downward to tall blades, to rhythmic waters, with one, single, white, bird.

A salty blast against my skin, I inhale deeply

And move briskly towards thee

My valley of calm


Landing upon a mixture of rocky softness

Your rolling swell, foamy sheet, sizzles at my toes

I stop and reach down to thee

My valley of calm


In a crumpled pile I find you

Discarded like a pile of leaves

With creases that entice me

To reach towards your gentleness, and place you against my cheek.

With eyes closed, like a child comforted by its favorite blanket

I take you in, on this rainy day

And place you over my head.

Covering my tattered mind and sore eyes,


My consciousness

From the weeping,


Hello world!

I Finally started a blog page!  Here you will be able to read my poetry, short stories, and moments that comes to my mind: my journey.  I will also write about my experiences becoming a mother.  I hope you all enjoy!

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