Some haiku, senryu, and micropoetry

Here is a list of some of my favorite haiku I’ve written recently:



Yesterday/on blue and white paper/tomorrow’s wishes



Slice of moon/a streak of mountain/echo in stars



The night-finding meaning-under stars



Four sunflowers-reminding me-to smile



Nostalgia/momentarily, rises/water shimmers below



The sky-rests gently-upon butterflies



Grey skies-twisting flag-mixed blessings



Hot summer eve/wet in my mouth/green grapes



Jasmine blooming-in old coffee can-the path to heaven



Her neck-it tasted-like stars



White blanket/against the horizon/his lips across  mine



Green bay, like sapphire/rolling beneath heavy wind/sea bird holding on



Her tears-butterfly feet-tiptoeing down cheeks



Sunset-shimmers deeply-in sapphire waters



Two stars-fall slowly-like hair strands-on cheeks



For the tragedy in Aurora CO:

The breeze-is filled-with angels


Children at fountain-I struggle to find hope-the angels weep


The sun-turned to the moon-and wept

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